Finding Faith

Finding Faith by Michelle Romano

Faith's journey takes an unexpected turn when heartbreak in New York propels her to a mysterious small town in Arizona. The place feels oddly familiar and people seem to know her, which sparks a quest to unearth her forgotten path.

Over time, Faith stumbles upon letters that hold the key to her past, leading her to a handsome mystery man. But, as truths emerge, can Faith summon the strength to embrace them? Torn between a deep loss and an irresistible love, Faith must find courage to fight for what her heart desires. Will she seize her chance at happiness, or will it slip through her fingers forever?

Meanwhile, Michael confronts the shadows of his traumatic childhood, returning to his hometown after a troubling call. There, he learns about Faith and finds himself drawn to her. Their paths intertwine, yet a major loss forces Michael to relocate, become a firefighter and search for his lost love. Will he ever find her again?
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