Forbidden Bonds of Auschwitz: Book 2
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“World War II sculpted heroes from ordinary hearts, crafting a narrative of courage that still paints the sky of human history with indelible hues of resilience and unity.” In this heart-wrenching sequel to “Forbidden Bonds of Auschwitz: Book 1,” Kamilla, a resilient Hungarian Jew, faces the brutality of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Forbidden love blooms in the shadows as she forms a dangerous connection with SS Officer Lukas. As Kamilla’s world unravels, she must rely on Lukas to for her survival. But with danger lurking at every corner, the line between captor and ally blurs. In “Forbidden Bonds of Auschwitz: Book 2,” the stakes are higher than ever as Kamilla and Lukas are discovered. Will they escape the clutches of fate, or will their forbidden bond lead to a tragic end?
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