Freedom in Peril: Threats from Within the West
However imperfect it might have been, Western societies have provided the world with an invaluable example of the core principles of freedom throughout modern history, achieving unparallel progress in the process. Unfortunately, the West has increasingly been moving away from those principles, and the danger of sacrificing hard-earned progress is undeniable. Has the tipping point truly been reached, as the current public discourse would have you believe, and is our pessimism justified? That is precisely the question this book aims to answer. The goal is to provide an in-depth discussion of the potential dangers of abandoning the core principles of freedom supported by data and research while acknowledging that the necessary foundations are still strong. Among all the numerous problems, crises, catastrophes and pessimistic outlooks that seem to dominate the public nowadays, this book aims to pin down the main and the most regressive threats to free societies. From exploring attacks on freedom of speech and economic mistakes to the leadership crisis and popular misconceptions and fallacies, the goal is to provide a relatively fresh perspective on the underlying sources of the seemingly constant erosion of freedom throughout the West.
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