Friends With Boundaries

Friends With Boundaries by Brooke Kane

I’m sure you remember Carter Davis, everyone does. Football star, hottest guy on campus, The Python– my best friend. But college ended four years ago… and so did our friendship. We haven’t spoken since. Now I have a boyfriend, and I’m bringing him to the coast to meet my family. We're spending Lantern Festival week at the vacation house my family shares with Carter’s family. His mom said he probably wasn’t coming, but he’s definitely here. We can still be friends, we just need some good healthy boundaries. Boundaries like: no cuddling while we read, no sharing drinks or food, no sharing a bed, and… none of the other things that used to happen in that bed. It’s fine, we’re going to be fine. Oh no, he’s taking his shirt off again. Lord give me strength. Friends With Boundaries is a steamy best friends to lovers, second chance, sports romance. It’s a full length stand alone novel with an HEA.
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