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Slow down, discover mindfulness, and transform your life into the one you've been dreaming of!

From Novice to Internal Peace teaches YOU the tools you need to use mindfulness. Starting with the basics for people who are new to the concept to those who've heard of mindfulness but don't know what it means, this book makes learning about mindfulness easy. Beginners to mindfulness, start here!

Mindfulness practice is just what you're looking for if you want to live in peace and joy despite life's ups and downs.

All you need to do is allow awareness to take you into the here and now - the present moment. To be totally present in your own life.

You will be able to let go of your anger and worry. You will discover solutions you never considered before... as well as a fresh look at yourself and your connections.

Mindfulness will lead you through the journey of a lifetime – one that will improve your life in long-terms.

If you're ready to transform your negative emotions into a positive mindset that helps you live happier, then let's get started!

From Novice to Internal Peace  will teach you:

  • What Mindfulness Means
  • What Mindfulness can Offer You
  • How to Advance Toward the Practice of Mindfulness
  • Common Mindfulness Misunderstandings
  • Tips to Quiet Your Mind
  • How to Live in the Moment
  • Mindfulness to Cultivate Positive Thoughts and Emotions
  • Mindfulness for Relationships
  • And so much more!

By incorporating these mindfulness practices into your daily routine, you will begin to see the changes and enjoy life on a whole new level. It will give you hope even when you think there is none.

Little by little, mindfulness will allow you to transform negative ways that are causing much suffering in your life.

Open yourself up to the wisdom and happiness that awaits you on the other side, and begin your mindfulness practice today.

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