Galactic Princess of Royal Zitania
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Blast off on an epic interstellar adventure with Galactic Princess Scout and her quirky pirate pal, Sky, in this humor-filled sci-fi saga perfect for ages 7-12! Scout may be the lone inhabitant of her family’s isolated science station, but this spunky heroine is never bored zipping through asteroids with her beloved, but glitchy, robot dog Rusty, built from space junk. While her astro-biologist parents are away mapping cosmic storms for years at a time, Scout’s thrilling days are filled scavenging landfill planets for robot parts and befriending curious aliens wherever she crash lands. But Scout’s whimsical life, orbiting planet Zit, takes a dramatic turn after a run-in with the roguish spaceship captain, Sky, a pirate looking for her next exhilarating exploit. Scout finds herself swept up in hilarious high jinks across the galaxy with her new best friend, doing good deeds and vanquishing bad guys at every stop. From battling boredom on a bleak planet, to spreading laughter in an interstellar hospital, Scout and Sky’s zany space adventures blast off in this wacky sci-fi series perfect for fans of superhero sagas and intergalactic misadventures. With lovable new friends, strong female leads, themes of sustainability and self-confidence all told through the lens of humor and heart, Galactic Princess of Royal Zitania, is an irresistible read for imaginative kids seeking laughter and fun alongside their epic space fantasies coming to life!
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