Get Your Manhood Back: A Manhood Blueprint to Restore and Improve Sexual Power in Men
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A combination of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge has provided a major breakthrough solution to rehabilitate sexual power and competency in men holistically.

A Must-Read Book for Every Man Who Wants to Become and Stay Sexually Powerful

Do you want to restore and enhance your sexual power? What if there is a proven approach to restoring sexual power and eradicating the root causes of erectile dysfunction without taking any chemical or herbal medications? In “Get Your Manhood Back,” you will discover a unique roadmap towards enduring sexual power and competency. In this book,the hidden treasure of ancient Persian medicine has been revealedto help you restore not only your sexual competency but also overall health and well-being.

S. Morteza Lajevardi, a human mind educator, is passionate about health and well-being and has rehabilitated his sexual competency completely using a holistic approach which he has shared in this book.

Why does a holistic solution matter in restoring sexual competency and healing erectile dysfunction?

Because you don’t want just to hide the symptom. Sexual incompetency usually is a symptom of other problems in mind, behaviors, and eating habits. Many solutions in treating sexual incompetency cover only the symptom and artificially force the body to demonstrate erection in the sexual organ. The result is not just temporary but also psychologically humiliating. The good news is that you now have access to a proven, holistic solution that works.

A holistic solution for rehabilitating sexual competency addresses the issues in the mind, whole body, and related organ. The holistic solution presented in this book shows you how to eradicate the root causes of erectile dysfunction and enhance your sexual power to the next level.

In Get Your Manhood Back, you will discover:

  • The power of beliefs for the restoration of sexual power

  • How to develop constructive habits to enhance sexual competency

  • Special exercises for restoration of sexual power in men

  • The importance of knowing your body temperaments and foods’ tempers

  • The Persian medicine perspective regarding health and well-being

  • Key factors in hormonal balance and how to maintain it

You don't need to bear the humiliation of sexual incompetency and the failure of erectile dysfunction on your shoulder anymore. You now have access to a proven manhood blueprint that, when followed thoroughly, yields astonishing, lasting results.

Take action now, buy this unique book, and follow what you will discover in “Get Your Manhood Back" to become and stay sexually powerful.

If you are sexually competent but you want to enhance your sexual power to a higher level, you can also tremendously benefit from this book.

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