Give Peace a Chance
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Give Peace a Chance by Jia Sharma


An enthralling novel of historical fiction for fans of authors like Tatianna de Rosnay and Kelly Bowen, Give Peace a Chance is a powerful story of human faith against various adversities set during World War II in France that features an extraordinary and unforgettable duo at its heart. This novel's imagery and detailed storytelling will transport readers of all ages to the 1930’s and set them right in the midst of Marie and Betty’s life.

How do Marie and Betty take it when a war supposedly happening far away starts to impact their very own lives? Their story uncovers the bond of family and friendship. From meeting new people to drifting apart from the old. Read “Give Peace a Chance” as Marie and Betty soon distance from one another while meeting Lucy and Arlene, two childhood friends not unlike Marie and Betty. Will Marie and Betty get back together and in doing so what happens to Lucy and Arlene? Read this wholesome novel now to know the answer to these questions and much more!

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