Haldred Chronicles: Kalla
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“You will find peace a hard thing to keep”

Kalla is a ghost, and was quite happy in that vocation (so to speak). That was until the place she was haunting exploded (not her fault!). Now she has suddenly found herself a prime witness to the incident and left wondering what to do. Dare she interact with the mortal realm to help out the living?

Victoria Haldred has recovered from her wounds and is keen to get back to work. Assigned to investigate the collapse of an important bank, she soon discovers it’s not just a case of shoddy construction work.

Now Kalla and Victoria find themselves in possession of half the truth each. Will they cooperate to bring things to a head, before the collapse of a bank becomes the least of their worries? For time is against them and evil forces bent on bringing the world back to a state of total war are moving, and moving fast.

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