Handbags: How To Choose An Investment Piece That’s Right For You
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“Forget diamonds… a handbag is a girl’s best friend. An accessory to brighten up an outfit, a trusted friend you may take with you wherever you go. Whatever a handbag means to you, it doesn’t mean that it’s a one size fits all. If you choose to invest in one key designer piece, it’s not always a simple task.”

“Handbags: How To Choose An Investment Piece That’s Right For You” is one of the fashion series: “Style Based Quizzes” which are quiz yourself / questionnaire based / guide books from style coach, Stylish Little Menace.

This short guide book and questionnaire is designed help you to consider the different factors to take into consideration about an understanding exactly what style of handbag might suit you best.

Clutches, totes, cross-body, shoulder… sometimes the options may appear endless. When choosing that all-important special investment purchase, it’s 
essential to get it right!

“These are questions I am constantly asked or I see asked of others and even frequently posted on social media, seeking an opinion to a rather personal style-based challenge! The response I often view or hear of others’ typically focuses on 
their own personal choices, rather than what might suit the person who is actually asking the question.

Our fashion decisions and styling are 
very-much based upon personal choice. The longevity we will get out an item of clothing or accessory is really very dependent upon us as individuals and that alone. Often, we know the answer to our own style-based question, we just need to ask ourselves the right questions in order to dig deep and make the best decision for ourselves”. – Stylish Little Menace.

This quiz book contains ten questions designed to focus on style preferences, yet also range from lifestyle choices, activities and much more!

This book may be suited to:

  • Super keen or eager fashionistas
  • Perplexed or challenged shoppers
  • Those dabbling with / or in interested new style choices
  • Making an investment designer purchase
  • Girls and women, boys and men of any shopping age!

There’s also a little bit of additional fashion guidance on this topic at the beginning and the end - not to be missed as they provide a few further hints and tips to continuing on with any potential styling commitment.

This quiz is designed to be fun, easy-going and serve as a guide to an exciting styling conundrum and finding that right handbag just for you!

Choose to complete this guide and quiz book just once for that all important piece of style advice, with friends if you’re all a bit perplexed over that one handbag purchase, or for mega shopaholics or fashionistas - again and again and again!

After all, who better to ask than yourself?

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