Herald Of The Past
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Herald Of The Past by George T.K.


He breaks free after millennia in the magical prison he had been thrown into, and one of the few things he remembers is his name. Arin Lokkar.

They will pay for what they have done, whoever they are.

However long it takes, his revenge will be served in blood.

Yet, Arin's first priority is survival, and everything around him seems to be trying to end his plans prematurely. A so-called "system" bombards him with information, further confusing his messed-up brain struggling to make sense of the few memories left. On his way to the truth about himself, he will meet new allies, old enemies, and insidious organizations with terrifying goals. 

On top of it all, madness creeps in slowly but surely...

However, whether the past is something that Arin truly wants to reveal remains to be seen.

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