I Must Get Back To The Woods

I Must Get Back To The Woods by Oliver Trusler


Jack wakes up to find he is missing a hand, courtesy of his largely useless superpower, together with his best friend Alex they must try to retrace their drunken steps from the night before.
They discover a six legged cat has stolen the hand, chasing him eventually leads them down a mysterious tunnel in a shed behind their local pub.
The tunnel takes them on an adventure out of this world and somehow they end up caught up in the middle of an alien invasion where Jack’s special abilities might finally be useful for something.
They will come across whole new worlds filled with aliens of various shapes and sizes, along the way Jack is confronted with his past in a way he could never have expected.
Jack must learn to master the talents he was born with but will it be enough?
Why does the cat have six legs?
Why are Jack and Alex haunted by their future?
Will Alex please put some trousers on?

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