If Cotton Could Talk
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If Cotton Could Talk by Alvin Hayes

“If Cotton Could Talk” is a historical fiction novel about a time of great change. It’s about people who plan for freedom as others plan to continue their domination. It’s the beginning of an epic story about families, courage, villains, heroes & heroines. Tucker is a young slave on the Brookes plantation in Mississippi. Bertha is a slave on a small plantation. Her master’s wife, Shelly Gordon, secretly teaches her how to read, a hanging offense. Gordon decides to sell his property. Bertha is separated from her parents and sold to Brookes where she falls in love with Tucker. Big Dan Connor’s slave boy. Sambo had access to all the plantations because no one, white or black, dared question or challenge him because he belonged to Big Dan. Once freedom comes, Sambo stands up to Connor. Connor had no idea what Sambo was capable of, but he will find out. Sambo and Joan flee to the safety of a Seminole tribe with Big Dan in hot pursuit. If Cotton Could Talk ends with Sambo declaring, “My name is Sam and, we are finished running.”
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