Genres : Literary Fiction

Date: 01/30/2023
When Rome transgresses upon his father's domain that lays between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Pacorus, a prince of the Parthian Empire, is sent to exact revenge. After a string of victories Pacorus and his...
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The Ring by Florence Osmund

Date: 01/21/2023
Business owner Paige West misses the closeness she had with her now-deceased father. Jessivel Salter, a single mother on the brink of becoming homeless, also misses her dead father, but for very different reasons. When...
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Date: 01/20/2023
Everyone on the backstretch had at least one Crazy Cory story…This short story collection brings to life the whacky but lovable Crazy Cory, a broken jockey reborn as a healer of rogue racehorses. Experience Crazy...
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Source Song by Michael Lawrence

Date: 01/17/2023
This is a poetry collection containing 99 short poems. It covers a wide range of themes and ideas, and might be best described by words like "spiritual" and "philosophical".  Below is the description copied from...
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The Mind Is Its Own Place by T.M Cicinski

Date: 01/14/2023
A collection of one hundred and thirty-six stories, sketches and parables, The Mind Is Its Own Place challenges readers to examine their own beliefs and assumptions on themes ranging from love and sex, to death,...
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All That Is Hidden by Laura DeNooyer-Moore

Date: 01/09/2023
Are secrets worth the price they cost to keep? Ten-year-old Tina Hamilton finds out the hard way. In 1968, trouble erupts when northern exploitation threatens her southern Appalachian town. Her father’s hidden past collides with...
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Moon River by Laurens Van Veen

Date: 12/25/2022
Hard-boiled, but with a magical twist, Moon River is the story of Blue Paw, an orphaned Burmese girl, whose preternatural ties to a young German soldier transcend the boundaries of time and the borders of...
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Date: 12/21/2022
David is a young man who finds himself on an island in the middle of the ocean. He doesn't remember how he got there and, through various encounters with people and events, finally realizes the...
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Date: 12/20/2022
At 100 years old, Murray McBride has outlived everyone he's ever loved. But when he meets Jason Cashman, a 10-year-old boy with a terminal illness, Murray may learn something about finding meaning in life as...
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Date: 12/08/2022
"A powerful, gritty, and exquisitely written anthology —not to be missed." – J. Miller, Reader's FavoriteThailand. The Congo. Greece. Spain. America…Four continents and forty-plus years in the making.The Man Who Screams at Nightfall is a landmark...
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