Imen of Atlantis: Bitten
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Imen of Atlantis: Bitten by Tony D'Urso


Greed consumes everything.

Roni has an unusual responsibility: answering distress calls from travelers in the forest above the mythical land where she lives. She’s answered countless of these, but the one today changes her life in ways she never realized. As she tends and heals his wounds, she does something she promised she’d never do, something forbidden. Captivated by the stranger, she searches through his memories.

As she flips through them, she begins to become enthralled by the above world. When she realizes who the stranger is, Roni knows if she continues delving into his memories it could mean banishment if it doesn't already. She had no idea the changes in her life that will now occur.

Meanwhile, something lurks behind the trees, an ogre bent on gold, something Roni’s abilities can produce. It’s one more threat Roni doesn’t need right now, and something that could ruin everything.

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