Landscape Design Mastery: Six Steps To A Gorgeous, All-season, Sustainable Garden
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If you want a beautifully designed, professional-looking, head-turning garden, then keep reading. Even if you don’t know where to begin, this book will guide you through the steps of creating the garden you have always dreamed of. Your days of analysis paralysis are over. With this book, your currently uninspiring backyard can be transformed into an oasis using the principles I will teach you. You no longer need to worry about how to utilize space, because you will understand how to implement the principles of landscape design covered in this book. You will become the master of your own garden, and you will never have drainage issues again. Other than bringing you daily joy, having a gorgeous garden benefits you in ways you can’t imagine. This alone will make you feel happier and improve your well-being (by up to 6.6 per cent!). After reading this book, you can expect to leave feelings of stress and anxiety behind and make room for improved self-esteem, accomplishment, and success. In this book, you will discover: How to apply the principles of landscape design to create the best garden for YOU How to utilize every inch of your garden How to tackle the ‘blank canvas’ feeling and start designing your garden How to make your budget work for YOU How to make your garden sustainable for the future How to create privacy in your garden, no matter the size The secret to choosing the right species for your garden, and where to put them How to banish the waterlogged garden FOR GOOD The secret to a flourishing garden in any climate Follow the path I have paved for you in this book and you will create your perfect garden, even if you have no design experience or knowledge. With this book as your guide, you do not need to be a design expert (or frankly know anything about gardening) to achieve garden bliss.
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