Lavender and Brown – The York Mysteries

Welcome to the crazy world of Lavender and Brown!

Being able to tell when people are lying must be the ideal gift for the private detective.

Well, not if your name is James Lavender – lazy, self-entitled, impossible to deal with; and they're not even his worst qualities!

It's true, things are not going well for James Lavender and Sydney Brown, James’ beleaguered pie-and-pint-loving business partner. Their newly launched detective agency is already on the verge of bankruptcy, and no cases are on the horizon.

Enter a distressed maid with a missing gardener problem. Could this simple case really hold the key to saving the business?

With the help of the beautiful Rose McCarthy, actress and pushy apprentice figure, what starts as an apparently straightforward missing person’s case, grows into a complex mix of manslaughter and murder. It's a case they must solve if they are to save the business and restore James’ increasingly tattered reputation.

Set in the Year 1888 in the historic city of York. It’s a brand new murder mystery comedy series you will not want to miss!

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