Lazy Creativity: The Art of Owning Your Creativity
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Creativity is a guide to cultivating, growing, and loving your own creativity, no matter what that looks like – it’s creativity that meets you where you’re at.

Whether you're a creative person with a current practice, are "new" to creativity, or are somewhere in-between, this book will guide you through the creative process from the (literal or figurative) first mark to the next idea while addressing all the ups and downs in-between on the way to finding (or building) your Lazy Creativity. With a limited amount of resources, time, and energy available, and an increase of stressors, creativity has never been more important to living a bold life, full of beauty - what is unique about Lazy Creativity is its approachable format. It's for practiced creatives and people are who consider themselves to be brand new to it. By combining practical optimism with self-aware humor, Lazy Creativity encourages us to find and unlock our own creative selves to build a creative life worth living while recognizing and addressing real barriers to creativity, including anxiety, fear, limited resources, a lack of motivation, and doubt.

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