Lunch Eater

Lunch Eater by Sean Mackaay

"No one ever accidentally takes your lunch. How many times have you accidentally opened up the fridge at your job and taken someone else’s lunch? Not ever." Step into the twisted world of "Lunch Eater," where cosmic horror collides with deadpan workplace comedy in a story that will have you laughing and questioning reality simultaneously. In the dimly lit corridors of the Department of Economic Development, Brian, our unwitting hero, just wants to get through the work day. Little does he know, a cosmic comedy is about to unravel amid the bureaucratic chaos and a world succumbing to a deadly virus. Brace yourself for a laughter-filled escape into the unknown! Join Brian and his eclectic team of public servants as they navigate interdimensional nightmares and unravel the mystery of the elusive lunch thief. Lunch Eater is not just a book; it's a literary thrill ride that seamlessly weaves together absurdity and impending doom. If Utopia or The Thick of It had an episode where the world ends, you'd get Lunch Eater. It's American Psycho meets The Secret Diary of Adiran Mole meets H.P. Lovecraft.
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