Mafia Lullaby: Diary of a Catholic girl in New York
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This is the story of a young Catholic schoolgirl, Juliet, who accidentally discovers a disturbing family secret. This discovery sends her into a tailspin of fear. Is her family in danger? What can she do to fix things? She ponders who she can talk to and is certain there is no one. Then her anxiety changes when she realizes she has to spy on her family to feel peaceful again. She tells of her friendship with a beautiful nun and her attachment to her powerful uncle. A nun and her friend Nick are her life teachers. One day she meets Tallulah, a British cousin of her friend Charlotte. Tallulah teaches these naive girls how to behave with a boyfriend. After a sex lesson with Tallulah, Juliet muses, maybe I should become a nun after all. When Juliet goes to college she is stopped in her tracks by the sight of a young man standing in the sun. She knows instantly that she just has to meet him. One afternoon she notices that a dark haired man is following her. His name is Gino. He’s a messenger from her uncle. This is Juliet's journey to her authentic self.
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