Mafia Night: Eight Thrilling Nights of Role Playing Game
Billy is a well-educated young man in search of employment following the completion of his military service. Unfortunately, he's been struggling to secure a decent job. After some time, he stumbles upon a unique job advertisement promising him $300,000 for participating in a mafia-themed night game. However, as he delves into the game, Billy soon realizes that it is conducted online via the dark web and is orchestrated by wealthy psychopaths who derive pleasure from tormenting participants. Shockingly, the game operator immediately eliminates players once they exit the game. Billy and others trapped within this perilous game must now work together to survive. Their objective is to identify the mentally unstable mafia members within the game and escape the dire situation. The game consists of two groups: citizens and mafia members. The primary goal is for citizens, utilizing their roles and communication skills, to uncover and remove all mafia members from the game. In this game, the mafia members are aware of each other's identities, while the citizens remain in the dark. Suspicion runs rampant, forcing the citizens to rely on psychology, logic, and deductive reasoning to identify the mafia members and vote them out during the day phase. Meanwhile, the mafia members operate during the night phase when the citizens are inactive. They select a citizen to eliminate from the game and, during the day, employ various tactics to mislead the citizens into voting for the wrong individuals for removal.
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