Marlenh: an intense steamy romance with mystery suspense thriller
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Marlenh is about to make the biggest mistake of her life … She lives in the chaotic nation of Astralvia, but she has a wealthy husband who adores her and pleases her in every way so she can enjoy a privileged life. Still, Marlenh starts an online flirtation with Rickhard Frey, an enigmatic successful politician who seems to be the perfect man. Soon, she falls for his charms. Thus, Marlenh embarks on an intense affair with Rick, which spirals out of control and becomes something seedy, something insane. When Marlenh makes a crucial decision in her life, she discovers a horrifying truth about Rick that could destroy her and her family. Now Marlenh must confront Rick and his entire macabre world. She must also discover why he orchestrated this sinister destiny for her—a fate she has to overcome somehow, even if it seems impossible. Marlenh is a thriller brimming with sex, lies, mystery, and suspense. The saga begins thirty years before the events of Pulstar I – The Swan Barely Remembers, the first book in the Pulstar trilogy. Read Marlenh as a stand-alone novel while listening to its official soundtrack, composed for piano by the author.
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