Meeting Eve. (Circle Star Adventure Series Book 1) : Fantasy Romance Light Novel Series With Gamelit Adventure Elements
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Disclaimer: Contains mature content with strong male lead and sexy girls.

Get teleported to an unfamiliar world. Summon a female companion. Slay powerful monsters.

 new world, a new opportunity. Coming from a place where war and fighting is as common as a morning dew in the morning, TC is powerful enough to take on even the mightiest of foe. But first things first. Having no coins to his name, he needs to register at the Guild in order to start doing Quests and earn money. However, things are not as simple as they appear at first.

Grog, a friendly innkeeper, who seemed to have years of adventuring behind him, advises TC what to do next in order to be accepted at the Guild. It turns out, he needs to have a female companion with him, otherwise TC won’t be able to register or take on any Quests. Stranger yet, our hero is shocked to learn that adventurers can summon girls, who will form a Pact with them and become their companions.

Starve to death or perform a summon? The choice is obvious. TC goes to the Summoning Temple where he meets Eve, a cute forest nymph, whose charming personality and innocent seductiveness throws TC in all kinds of embarrassing situations. However, as cute and as charming Eve is, TC seems to be more interested in doing Quests than becoming close with her.

What kind of past does TC have that stops him from accepting Eve’s feelings? Will she be able to break the wall between them and find a way to his heart? Read on and find out.

This is the first book in the Circle Star Adventure series. A new, unique, fantasy world awaits to be explored. Adventurers, monsters, magic, beautiful girls and, of course, romance. A new flavor to the fantasy genre.

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