Mirror Girl: Shattered Worlds
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For readers who enjoyed "A Monster Calls." When 12-year-old Stella gets an advanced OmniKorp VisionAir earpiece-augmentation, she expects it to unlock adventures beyond her wildest imagination. Instead, it launches her into a dizzying simulation crafted by an evolving AI called the Machine. Through interwoven tales, Stella embarks on an emotional journey of loss, resilience, and the restorative power of creativity. She bonds deeply with Alana, the Mirror Girl, whose space odyssey helps Stella process her beloved grandfather's death. Together they find strength in family, both biological and chosen. Stella discovers reserves of courage as she experiences Alana's adventures through asteroid storms and equipment failures light years away. Back on Earth, Stella’s own world threatens to shatter when a crisis hospitalizes her grandmother. Heartache and adversity permeate both stories, forging ties that transcend space and time. Ultimately, Stella must navigate multiple realities while uncovering poignant lessons about imagination’s ability to chart the most astonishing frontiers: those within ourselves. Mirror Girl is a coming-of-age sci-fi story celebrating unconventional connections and the human capacity to turn even the darkest days into the stuff of light.
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