My Silver Fox Fake Fiancé:  A Second Chance Surprise Baby Romance
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A past scorching fling with my silver fox boss was just a fleeting memory until now. Two pink lines are as real as it gets. I ghosted him before, and regret lingers from choosing studies over love. Scott’s an ex-Navy Vet turned billionaire nightlife tycoon. He might be all alpha, but it's undeniable – I'm still his weakness. His broad shoulders and soul-piercing brown eyes pull me in like we’ve never been apart. Destiny offers us another shot, igniting old flames. I fake a fiancé to deter a pesky admirer – and man, Scott nails the act. But his protective streak raises questions. Can he go too far? He’s still the best I’ve ever had, yet I fear his dark side might push me away. Now there's more at stake than just my heart. The future of our little life inside me hinges on my choice to stay or go.
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