Next Door Stalker~ The Neighbour
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An independent woman with a passion for writing and painting. That's who Sophie was to everyone who knew her. After college, she came back to her hometown, small and quiet with nothing interesting happening, a life without drama and disturbance where she could let herself drown in the world of creativity. Financially independent, with her own house, a good girl reputation and an alter ego that was an anonymous writer of dark and twisted erotica, everything was going smoothly in her life, except for the romantic department. She longs for the classic romance of prince charming, for a loyal man, eyes only for her, familist, intelligent, someone who matches her vibes. Sophie's romantic department was soon to be shaken by a man that Sophie could only dream about. Christopher Rabbit is a walking wet dream for many women. Charming, chivalrous, a handsome Adonis on two long, muscular legs with a white pearly grin and blonde hair that looked like it was made of gold; he was perfection, an angel that people were drawn to, but some angels had fallen... becoming DEVILS. "Oh, Sophie... You should be careful what you wish for because you might get more than you can handle." This is not a love story full of pink clouds and white doves. This is a story of obsession, and how a person can be capable of undying love for someone. There are dark secrets behind every angelic figure. Warning! This story contains very disturbing themes that might trigger some people, such as borderline obsession, stalking, invasion of privacy, and blackmail. Please approach carefully. This story contains mature themes such as highly descriptive sexual scenes. A novel not for the faith of hearts.

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