Nine Stray Shots
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Nine Stray Shots by Jesus Miguel Soto

In these nine short stories, the absurd bursts into the territory of reality until it takes the reader into the realm of the extraordinary, from where there is no turning back. Five friends create a new country inside their apartment and set out to defend it tooth and nail. The sensual voice of a jazz singer disturbs the life of a musician to the point of driving him mad. A jaded married couple receives a mysterious black box on their doorstep that will bring them together again. In the midst of a war that seemed far away, three children and their guardian repeat over and over again the same form of death. A mobster narrates a crime as if it had already happened, but in reality he is anticipating it. On their honeymoon, a newlywed couple gets lost in a remote and mysterious town that does not appear on any map and ends up involved in a crime that will accompany them for years. Between the fantastic, the absurd, the extravagant and the crude reality, these short stories are a winding path for the reader to enter into his or her own misdirection.
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