Nuclear Family: Poetic Fallout
Introducing "Nuclear Family" – a powerful collection of poetic revelations (and the AI artwork they inspired) that takes you on a visceral journey alongside author Thomas James. In this groundbreaking debut, James unflinchingly shares his personal odyssey of resilience and transformation. Battling the ravages of severe burnout, navigating the treacherous waters of an adult adoption gone awry, grieving the complex legacy of a narcissistic parent's passing, and grappling with the weight of a CPTSD diagnosis – all within the span of a year – James's poems emerge as both a poignant memoir and a universal testament to the human capacity for adaptation and healing. With a courageous heart, James proudly displays his wounds, portraying trauma with a stark honesty that resonates deeply. From heart-wrenching betrayal to the delicate art of letting go, he paints a canvas of emotions that invites readers to confront their own unspoken truths. This book isn't just about one man's journey; it's an invitation for you to embark on your own profound exploration of the ties that bind, the scars that shape, and the infinite power of renewal. You may not know him from atom, but Thomas James’s “Nuclear Family” is sure to set off a reaction.
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