Omega Cartel
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Omega Cartel by Brandon Springer

In the drug war, the only way to win is to die quickly. Mexico’s newest drug cartel is called Los Comandantes. Their brutal marketing gimmick and viral recruitment strategy have helped them become the dominant new player. Ethan is an American living in Mexico. When Los Comandantes extort his business, he must make a decision: Should he flee? Should he go to the police? Neither. Instead, he pays them off. And he hates himself for it. It was a bad decision made under duress. “But that’s life,” Ethan tells himself. “That’s life, and I’m a coward.” Several bad decisions later, he is locked in a battle he shouldn’t be in and isn’t prepared for. In a world where a quick death is considered a victory, failure is too horrible to imagine. But Ethan is going too far, too fast. Luck is catching up with him. Pull the trigger now and join the cartel.
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