One of Us Is Gone
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One of Us Is Gone by Shauntel Anette


NOTE: THIS TITLE IS .99¢ UNTIL 08/10) / They Wish They Were Us MEETS A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder in this tale of dark secrets, conditional friendships, and obsessing about an investigation that could get you killed.

“The Truth Hurts for a Little While. A Lie Hurts Forever.” – Ryan Bigge.

Ride-or-die childhood friends Cleo, Sarah, and Milton begin life as freshmen at Kensington University with an unspoken pact: Always stay close and never be apart long enough to miss each other. The three friends are inseparable… until Sarah vanishes without a trace.

Hot on the trail of Sarah’s disappearance, Cleo soon discovers her longtime friend had a hidden life and her deception ran deeper than what Cleo could have imagined.

Both wide-eyed friends left get familiar with three sides to every story: the new group of friends who swear they haven’t seen her, Sarah’s, and the truth.

They all harbor secret grudges against Sarah, including Cleo and Milton. But if Cleo ever wants to find out what happened to Sarah, she must train her mind to foster two things:

  1. Those she would take a bullet for will always be behind the trigger.
  2. The worst part about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.

For fans of Holly Jackson, Michele Leathers, and Jessica Goodman.

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