Panamá Sketches
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Panamá Sketches by Warren Johnson

You must take care not to pick up a bug when you travel. However, to travel you must already have a bug – the travel bug. Hopefully, you will find Panamá interesting, but more importantly, I hope this book stirs the travel bug within you. Whether you will be an armchair traveler or an actual experience-focused traveler, I wish you the best and safest trips. After traveling the United States, Canada, Mexico and parts of Europe, I moved to Panamá lock stock and barrel. I arrived in the popular expat town of Boquete. I planned to travel around Panamá for some unknown period of time. However, the panic of Covid-19 kept me pinned down. I had begun a travel blog, but now I couldn’t travel. What was I to do? I wrote about the travels I could do and wrote about the places in Panamá I wanted to visit. The blog became somewhat of an educational blog. I learned where I wanted to go and wrote about those places. I also wrote about my life in Boquete.
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