Pink Eye
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Pink Eye by Tom Norton

"LMAO..." "...BRILLIANT..." "...IF YOU HAVEN'T LAUGHED BY THE END OF CHAPTER ONE, CHECK YOUR PULSE. YOU MIGHT BE DEAD!" Pink Eye is a sci-fi comedy romance about first contact and an impending alien invasion. If you’ve ever felt like you’re being watched, you’re right, aliens are watching. When an astrophysicist discovers a message from outer space, everything changes. If anyone else had answered the call things might’ve gone better. Now, one small town has one massive opportunity to prove that humanity is worthy. For most people, this would be a hard pass. Luckily for us, two unlikely heroes are stepping up. And the odds of them winning are… Well, let’s keep it polite... Humanity is screwed. This is dark. This is fresh. This is PINK EYE. If you liked Hitchhiker's Guide, Catch-22, or The Princess Bride, you will love this.
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