Pranktically in Love on Nantucket
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What happens when a hometown Nantucket girl unexpectedly runs into the prankster that embarrassed her as a teen?

Ellie Jones holds two jobs but dreams of just one - owning her own bakery. Her baking job at Club Car and bookkeeping at her parents' resort stop her from any social life.

Jarrad is back on Nantucket, hoping to use his cooking skills and show his parents he doesn't need their real estate business.

But has Jarrad really grown up? Ellie finds her ingredients missing and believes Jarrad is back to prank her. She resists retaliating for a while, but soon a prank war is on.

Her boss can tell Jarrad is interested in Ellie and he tries everything to keep them apart. Now she's got two men wanting to date her and she struggles to choose the right one.

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