Rickshaw Rhythm (Tall Tales of The Galaxy Book 1)
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To get into Starlight City, one would have to possess a body of shimmering translucence, eaten the gills of a Baki fish, swam through the sea of stars, and faced off with the demon of Sekalon Forest. Unless of course you were the Timekeeper, who had parked his Silver Lion on its celestial border and is now gallivanting through the streets of the city with his cat, Tobias. They are invisible to its extraordinary locals. By way of dreams and magic relics, the ruler of Starlight City is known to whisper stories of the city to his brothers and sisters throughout the galaxies. These are not siblings of the familial kind, but rather, of the magic kind. For Starlight City is a city of dead magicians. RICKSHAW RHYTHM is the first in a series of fantastical novellas where the stories will stretch tall and wide. In it you'll find tons of magic and a little bit of spookiness. Each story is connected but can be read alone. It is a clean read at approximately 110 pages long so I won't keep you too long but I do hope you enjoy the ride. Welcome to my universe dear readers. Lets start at the center!
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