Salvation Blue
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Salvation Blue by Reese Barton

Officer Dave Jackson never imagined that he would think about his own mortality at forty-two as he sat on the side of the road in front of the little white church at 2:00 a.m. His recent diagnosis isn't the only thing weighing on his mind. For the last two years, he has really made a mess of his home life. He has made a habit of choosing work and friends over family, leaving them with a feeling of anger and resentment. Lost deep in thought and searching for answers, a sudden tap on the window startles him. It is a tap that will change his life forever and give him the answers that he is so desperately searching for. Dave has never been to church, let alone entertain the idea of giving his life to God. After accepting an invitation to attend the local church service, he cannot deny the unequivocal truth of God's grace and love for him. He accepts the gift of salvation and places his trust in Christ, pledging to serve Him with whatever time he has left on this earth. Kurtis is a fifteen-year-old boy that life has beaten down. His mother left her home and family when she was pregnant with him at eighteen and has been running ever since. He has never met his father, a low life conman who he didn't even know existed until recently. His only friend is a fifteen-year-old drug dealer, who is pressuring him to get into the same line of work. The only person in his life who seems to care about him is a pesky cop named Jackson. Dave can see the writing on the wall. His body is giving up on him and his time is running out. He seeks God's strength in spreading the gospel, repairing relationships, and showing Kurtis that God's grace and love will lead him down the ultimate path of fulfillment, in a world that desperately needs, Salvation. This 482-page novel will take readers on a spiritual rollercoaster. In the end, it will show that God's love and grace prevail, and that salvation is the answer to living a fulfilled and blessed life.
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