Scarlett’s Tail
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Scarlett’s Tail by Brittany Putzer

A nobody. An alpha. An unexpected discovery. Scarlett Have you ever craved to be something more? More than your lonely past? More than a sinful toy? Well, that’s impossible to accomplish in Carson City. It’s survival of the fittest. And I’m doing a terrible job at it. Until they found me. The Fangs. A ruthless gang that owns this decaying city. And their leader has his eyes set on owning me—right along with it. Who am I? Scarlett. At least, that’s the name the orphanage gave me when I was dropped off with nothing more than the clothes on my back. What I didn’t anticipate is the gang’s leader making me an offer I literally couldn’t refuse… Sable Everything shifted when my mate was taken from me. Now, I couldn’t care less about the wars between the packs of Cold Creek. But when a mysterious human appears and drives my wolf crazy, I rethink my self-inflicted isolation. What is she hiding? And why is our rival pack willing to spill blood in exchange for her return? Scarlett’s Tail is a steamy, 18+, full-length, dual POV standalone within a series, ending in a happily ever after, and no cliffhanger. The Cold Creek packs are loyal—while bursting with mouthwatering, unclaimed shifters—all just waiting for their mates. Why not drop in and enjoy the picturesque views by day and scorching fires at night? Don’t be shy. They don’t bite… hard.
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