Second Chance for an Anchored Heart
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A Navy Seal, A small bait and gift shop, An Unexpected Romance Heather had a strict rule against dating tourists. Owning a bait, tackle, and gift shop, she got to meet most of them. They were always here today, gone tomorrow, and usually married. Ever since the loss of her husband, Chuck, she was determined to protect her heart. But nothing could protect her from the large man about to barrel through the front door of the shop. Looking behind him at the sidewalk, unaware of Heather on the floor picking up a piece of paper, the man was mid-stride when he collided with her. The impact caused her to sprawl like a starfish on the wood boards. The intruder flew forward in a Superman stance, straight into the newly organized display. The next few seconds were like a video stuck in slow motion. The shelves containing the coffee mugs and art, collapsed under his massive frame. He knew there was no saving the items as his body made contact. Heather stood up abruptly, ready to give him a piece of her mind, but then her eyes locked with his. All of her anger dissipated at the sight of his dread-filled expression and the adorable dimple on his right cheek. The rules may be worth breaking.
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