Self-Care For Daughters Of Narcissistic Mothers

Breaking away from your narcissistic mother is just the first step. You still have a lot of work to do to recover from decades of abuse, and this workbook will help you do just that.

As a scapegoat daughter of a narcissistic mother, coming to terms with what you’ve experienced can trigger deep-rooted pain you may not be aware of. It can come as a shock, and you may not know exactly how to handle it.

Therapy is always the best resource you can have in processing your trauma, but you don’t have to stop there. There are other things you can do to support yourself in your recovery, including surrounding yourself with loving people and educating yourself about narcissism.

You can also practice self-care through meditation, writing, and relaxing activities, which is exactly what this workbook will guide you through.

In Self-Care Workbook for Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers, you will discover:

  • Powerful reflections, activities, and exercises to supplement your journey of healing from maternal narcissistic abuse
  • Exercises to identify your needs and evaluate how well you meet your needs on a daily basis
  • Exercises to learn how to shower yourself with love
  • How to build and enforce strong boundaries
  • Comprehensive exercises to reclaim your identity and undo decades of pain
  • Teaching yourself important life skills your narcissistic mother may have failed to teach you
  • Mix and match templates for creating a variety of personal self-care routines with visualizations to help you imagine your ideal self-care routine, making it easier for you to develop a plan that you will stick with

And much more.

Many adult daughters of narcissistic mothers have little understanding of the importance of self-care and may experience intense feelings of guilt when starting practicing self-care. In fact, as they approach self-care, the voice of their mother in their head may become louder than ever. This guilt stems from the belief that self-care is a selfish act because they were programmed to believe that their needs, besides the most basic ones, didn’t matter.

It is time to break free from this negative belief. Recovery from the trauma caused by maternal narcissistic abuse requires thorough self-care and mastery of self-care exercises to heal the soul.

By learning about the importance of self-care and how to practice critical self-care exercises, this book will allow daughters of narcissistic mothers to start uncovering the immense power inside them. You do not have to be held back from happiness because of childhood trauma anymore–instead, you can move forward in your life, going step-by-step to find the best, happiest, most authentic version of yourself.

The numerous self-care exercises within this book will allow you to discover that you are deserving of genuine love, not only from others but from yourself. When you open yourself up to the possibilities, you will find that healing is entirely within your reach. 

The power is in your hands. Picking up this book is a massive step forward in your healing process, moving you away from the trauma of your past and into a future full of hope, light, and freedom.

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