Silence Insomnia
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Silence Insomnia by Thea Violet

Sleeping – of all things – should be natural. And if you’re wondering how you’ll achieve it, with anxiety and stress trailing behind you, then don’t worry, keep reading… In this guide to achieving quality sleep hygiene, you will discover: Practical and achievable ways to manage anxiety and insomnia – free yourself from sleep deprivation without spending a dime on expensive medications The architecture of sleep, demystified – find out how sleep works to benefit your mental and physical health The everyman’s guide to beating anxious thoughts and stress – take on the power of breathwork and mindfulness to de-stress yourself before bed How to seize the sleep – discover a comprehensive sleep regimen to create the perfect environment for catching those Zs How to manage and maintain healthy sleeping habits, even when jet-lagged or in shift work Sleep aides, simplified – explore various holistic and technological ways to conquer your insomnia Why emotions are at the core of living a fulfilling, stress-free life, and how you can leverage yours to empower yourself And much more. Building on the foundations of healthy lifestyle habits, this book brings the power to sleep back into your hands, equipping you with the necessary tools to stay relaxed, and making sleep hygiene a fundamental part of your life.
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