Soundtrack Your Story: Unlock Your Creativity With Writing Prompts Powered By Music
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Do you struggle with writer's block? Or do you want to try a new approach to storytelling? Let music help you to share your story.


The book introduces the P-O-P method to writing practice. By tapping into the power of music, you will learn the three steps to help you prepare for productivity, overcome obstacles, and practice persistently.


The P-O-P method matches popular hits with writing prompts complementing the mood of the song.

With 505 prompts and 101 writing categories, you'll never run out of ideas. With the included playlist, with songs across multiple genres, you can easily integrate music into your writing routine. The prompts are designed to fit both fiction writing and personal self-reflection for journaling.


The P-O-P prompts are a fun and engaging way for teachers to engage students in writing projects. "Soundtrack Your Story" also includes a resource section with a guide to finding your voice and a toolkit for creative writing. Whether you're an aspiring writer or a seasoned storyteller, this book can help unlock your creativity.


Let music guide your story!

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