Space Circus and the Octobot Police
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Blast off on a hilarious intergalactic adventure following twelve-year-old Lizzie and her chaotic crew of robotic circus performers! Lizzie McFiddle crisscrosses the cosmos in her spaceship putting on spectacular circus shows with her troupe of robotic animals. But with an accident-prone crew of daredevil lions, clumsy monkeys, and more rambunctious bots, chaos sparks wherever they land! From roller coasters spiraling out of control on the amusement park planet JoyRide to raging blob monsters unleashed on the inventor planet Genius, Lizzie's crew accidentally wreaks havoc across various cosmic destinations. While the persistent Octocops repeatedly vow to lock up these trouble-making performers, Lizzie and her bots always manage to hilariously save the day in the nick of time before zooming off to their next unpredictable escapade! Follow the chaotic adventures as Lizzie tries wrangling her unruly robots across a series of silly planetary pitstops. Will their next show halt a deadly stench emergency on Perfume Planet or stop storms from drenching Planet Stormington? With endless odd aliens and outlandish settings, this punchy page-turner provides stellar sci-fi fun for young readers hungry for madcap extraterrestrial action!
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