Spelling for Kids
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Spelling for Kids by Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana

The Spelling for Kids interactive spelling workbook for kids ages 5-13 features spelling words that will quickly improve vocabulary, reading comprehension, and spelling skills for any child… and it makes a great addition to any homeschool curriculum! Your whole family can use our fun and enabling spelling system at home, and schoolteachers can also use it for children who are less able, less privileged, or cannot follow learning procedures with ease at school, or who are being homeschooled. They can start their practice one year earlier and at their own pace. Our unique, interactive spelling improvement book teaches students of all ability levels how to spell words and builds vocabulary memory by integrating text repetition of age-specific words. Our powerful but practical spelling book offers these unique benefits to students: Optimizes your kids' learning by offering a variety of learning techniques. The book covers ages 5 to 13 words every child must know and are frequently misspelled in spelling tests - 12 words per week. It is broken down into easy-to-follow spelling exercises that take only 10 minutes per day. Engages children and gets them away from their video games and cell phones. It also helps children who are struggling with reading, spelling, and grammar due to ADHD, Dyslexia, and short-term memory issues Whether your child is just beginning their spelling journey and learning to read, or they are an overachiever and working to win the next spelling bee, Spelling for Kids is the perfect tool for accelerating spelling skills and ensuring your child is ahead of their class in spelling ability! Page Up and Order Now.
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