Stuck with my One Night Stand: An Enemies to Lovers Hockey Romance
It started as a one night stand, but now I’m stuck working with the man who broke my heart. James is the new hockey coach with bulging biceps and a bad boy attitude. The man I thought I would never see again after our one scorching hot night together. As the team’s manager, I now deal with his arrogance on a daily basis. Especially since he continues to grab me by the hand and pull me in for a touch from his lips. I should put a stop to it but when he wraps his protective arms around me I lose all control. Keeping our secret affair from members of the team is not going to be easy. On a scale of one to ten, his commitment level is zero. His passionate kisses are a definite ten. He refuses to acknowledge his feelings for me. But, my feelings are past the point of no return. I’m falling hard and fast and I hope I don’t get played again…
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