The American Spy

The American Spy by Scott Wiegmann


It's 1943, and the world is at war. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill have already picked a date for over one hundred and fifty thousand Allied soldiers to storm Normandy's beaches and take the battle to Germany. But the Germans may have new weapons to stop the invasion dead in its tracks. British Intelligence learned the Germans were developing rockets to be used for warfare, and information from Polish Resistance and Royal Air Force reconnaissance photos corroborated it. Recorded conversations between captured German generals verified it—Germany was close to developing the V2—a rocket that could carry one thousand kilograms of explosives and be fired a distance of 200 miles. The Allies agree if the Germans use the V-2 against our invasion, we could not survive.

Britain launched Operation Hydra, where the Royal Air Force bombed the V2 production site on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom. They lost forty aircraft in the raid and barely put a dent in the program. In response, the Nazis moved it to an underground mine immune to Allied bombing.

Roosevelt and Brigadier General William J. Donovan developed a plan. A German scientist assigned to the V2 project may cooperate with the Allies. They recruit an American Army officer of German descent to flip the scientist to our side.  Lieutenant Mathias Jansen becomes a spy for the Office of Strategic Services and parachutes into Western Poland to stop the production of the rocket at their underground factory. Jansen has a plan that may work but is unaware that a Gestapo agent knows of his mission from intercepted radio communications. He is a patriot but has a hidden motive for risking his life behind enemy lines. He’s in love with a German woman he hasn’t seen since the war began.

The American Spy is the story of a spy and saboteur who is hunted by the Gestapo in Germany. It is firmly grounded in the history of World War Two and will appeal to readers who enjoy history and adventure alike.

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