The Benefits of Sobriety: Get Curious About Drinking Less and Living More (Quit Lit)
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Curious about drinking less? Join the crowd! The sober crowd, that is.

Are you waking up tired with a headache every morning? Do you make promises to yourself to drink less and then break those promises as soon as 5:00 pm rolls around? Are you a little too comfortable on the couch with a beer, or five, every night?

Maybe you want to drink less but you’re worried that a sober life will be boring? Or that your friends won’t stick around?

If this sounds familiar, this book is a must-read.

Author Justin Delarosa went on a sober journey hoping to improve his health. Ultimately, his health did improve - by a lot - but that was only the beginning. In the end, he found something he wasn’t expecting – a more joyful, satisfying life. In The Benefits of Sobriety, he uses data, experience, and humor to convincingly describe all of the many benefits of cutting out booze.

While you may already know that alcohol is detrimental to your physical health, you may be surprised to learn just how many other aspects of your life can be impacted by drinking regularly.

By reading this book, you’ll discover:

✓ Why alcohol is so prevalent in our society.

✓ How sobriety can improve your physical and mental health.

✓ How drinking less can improve your finances.

✓ Why sobriety makes you a better partner, parent, and friend.

✓ How to spend your time if you aren’t drinking.

Ready to improve your life? Start reading The Benefits of Sobriety today! You’ll feel better tomorrow.

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