The Case of Known Unknown (The Stalker Chronicles)
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Just when they thought about ending the case, I made my preparation of beginning the chase and that's where I always won, for I never stopped when they started and never paused when they departed ~ The Stalker

Imagine getting invited to a grand feast, which serves mass-murder as dessert. All eyes are upon SHO Syna, the lead investigator who stakes her career over the case, when she receives letters from The Stalker.

Akash Paul, an ingenious detective tags along with authorities to aid in the case and avenge his uncle's death.

Ten years, three mass-murders, one serial Killer, an undiscovered pattern and just one name ; The Stalker. A comeback after 5 years!

Evidence pointed in the direction of the psycho genius, too many similarities to be ruled out! New quotes with hidden messages are uncovered, there lies just one question for Syna and Akash, after all these years, will they be able to make a difference and end the chase? Or would the identity of The Stalker remain undiscovered forever?

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