The Echo of Time: Awakening
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The Echo of Time: Awakening by Sophia Wietrzna


The Echo of Time. Awakening is a debut novel by a Polish author, Sophia Wietrzna.

My life was like a dream. One from which you don't really want to wake up. And then it turned out that it was only the silence before the storm. A wonderful quiet moment just before the wind starts blowing. We both felt that it wasn't really the beginning. Suddenly, we became part of the history that had happened a few centuries back. Yet, paradoxically, we were in the middle of it. As if our story had begun much earlier. And regardless of what we did, those events pulled us in more and more ... A story within a story. A box within a box …

It is the first day of spring. Seventeen-year-old Vivienne Polanska wakes up with a strong feeling that something is changing. Later that day, while walking in the forest, she encounters a group of medieval horsemen. The riders appear to be a strange phenomenon on the forest road, but paradoxically, it is Vivienne who feels like she's found herself in the wrong place. And at the wrong time... After the encounter, Vivienne is left with the feeling that she has experienced something extraordinary and an image of beautiful blue eyes with a delicate hint of green imprinted on her mind. Vivienne cannot resist the impression that she has seen those eyes somewhere before ... Soon, it turns out that those beautiful eyes exist in reality, and the medieval events start pulling her in more and more.

The Echo if Time. Awakening is a multidimensional and breathtaking novel.

There are the main characters with whom the reader falls in love, medieval castles, forests, and time travels. There are magical descriptions and brilliant dialogues, but above all, lots of emotions. There is passion and romance but also action and adventure. Isn't that too much? Definitely not! Everything is balanced and connected in an absolutely masterful way.

The story unfolds at a peaceful pace. It flows, but suddenly, the readers find themselves inside it. And they don't want to leave...

Powerfully emotional and subtle, but at the same time humorous and surprising.

A truly captivating story of love and self-discovery.

The book contains QR codes leading to external sources that allow readers see the places and interesting items mentioned in the novel.

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