The Kingpin’s Teacher
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The Kingpin’s Teacher by Lizzy West

Isabella It was just an ordinary day, like any other day, when he walked into my life. As a teacher, I’m very familiar with naughty boys but I wasn’t expecting this particular 6’2’’ bad boy, with dangerous gray eyes, to walk through my classroom door and turn my whole world upside down. They call him Saint, which is ironic really when you think about it. From our first meeting, to our lessons in chemistry, this handsome stranger really knows what he wants and how to get it. He’s even taught me a few things about biology ... But yet, he’s not a teacher … I didn’t realise being linked with the don of the Devil’s Hand Mafia would be such a turn on … and a threat to my whole existence. Enjoy this short story Age gap, alpha hero romance, with OTT, steam, and HEA!
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