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LAB LEAK: The Untold Stories of Covid-19 is not only a book but is a voice of innocents who succumb to this deadly pandemic

In 2020, a deadly novel virus suddenly came to the surface. In India, I remember on the evening of March 24, Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi declared Nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting the movement of the entire 1.38 billion population. The whole world was facing an invisible enemy which affected each and everyone’s life sooner or later in one or another way. Millions of people succumbed to this invisible enemy, and Millions survived from it after a great fight against it in hospitals.
Q. What does this book cover?
A. This book covers various scientific and investigative data about the origin of covid-19.

What You Will Learn From this book:

1. Corona virus was likely made in Laboratory
2 . The possible use of coronavirus as a bioweapon
3. History of corona virus and research by Chinese Military on SARS coronavirus
4. The scientific shreds of evidence and reasons to believe SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV- 2 a laboratory-made rather than naturally emerged.
5. This book enlightens the pattern of the outbreak of Covid19.
6. The book also covers the suspicious pattern of the SARS-CoV (2002-2004) epidemic.

The uniqueness of this book is that it is a true story of the author who is desperate to find the truth about covid-19. All the chapters are important, but The most important chapter of this book is Chapter: 9, From the Magician's Hat.

I do not write books for a living, but During this time, what I felt and my curiosity about Covid-19 gave birth to this book.

The author's only motive behind writing this book was that the truth of the origin of Covid-19 should reach every common human being, which everyone has the right to know. There is absolutely nothing to defame anyone or question anyone's ability behind writing this book. The money earned through this book will be spent on children who have lost both their mother and father during this covid pandemic. Unfortunately, we will never be able to compensate for their pain, but we can help as much as we can.

Buy Now! Because To know the truth is my birthright and so as yours!

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