The New President: A Power Struggle

Darren Sawyer was just elected as the United States' first openly gay President. It is tough enough to assume the duties of the Oval Office, but the recent loss of his husband can make the loneliest job in the world even lonelier. At least some friendly banter with the handsome lead agent of his security team and the comfort of having his best friend, Shelly, now his Chief of Staff, provide some sense of friendship and peace. 

Darren soon learns of a powerful technology developed by the military that will place the United States as the most powerful country in the world. However, it could also be used as a means to bring the world nations together in order to confront their need for energy and the environmental impacts of Global Warming. 

And what the hell has been going on with Area 51? It's real?

Follow Darren through his joinery as he navigates the most difficult job in the world while trying to balance duty to the United States with duty to humankind. 

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